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Virus Groups

Virus Group Testing

A&L Biologicals utilizes reverse-transcription PCR (RT-PCR) to test group viruses. PCR-based plant viral group tests offer enhanced sensitivity compared to other methods of testing, while eliminating the need to perform numerous specific tests of individual viruses. A&L viral group tests are applicable to all plant species and are useful in many aspects of plant research and plant propagation.

Begomovirus Group
Bromovirus Group
Carlavirus Group
Carmovirus Group
Closterovirus Group
Comovirus Group
Curtovirus Group
Dianthovirus Group
Fabavirus Group
Ilarvirus Group
Nepovirus Group
Potexvirus Group
Potyviridae Group
Tobamovirus Group
Tobravirus Group
Tombusvirus Group
Tospovirus Group
Trichovirus Group
Tymovirus Group