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Clubroot Disease

Clubroot Testing

Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease of canola, causing swellings or galls on the roots. Currently there is no method of control for this disease once a field has become infested. However, it is possible to prevent the spread of clubroot spores through contaminated soil movement. A&L Biologicals tests for the presence of clubroot using PCR methodology by examining soils for the clubroot DNA in soils or tissue samples. Soil samples submitted for nutrient analysis can be also used for clubroot testing by requesting the test on the submission form. Please ensure that you clearly indicate the Club root test on the submission form as when soils arrive at our facility (sometimes 5000 samples in a day) they are dried in an oven for chemical analysis and this may destroy or reduce the detection efficacy.

For soil sampling: Obtain approximately 500 grams (2.5 cups) of soil for this test. A sample should be a well-mixed composite collected from 10 to 20 locations in a “W” pattern near the major approach or entrance to the field or in the plot area of no more than 40 acres. Small acreages may be sampled when soil is not uniform throughout a field. Sample soil from the top 15 cm (A horizon), excluding as much surface organic matter as possible.

For plant sampling: Obtain roots from suspected plants and place in a zip-lock bag. These can be fresh or dry roots. If available, plant tissue samples are preferable to soil samples to test for the presence of the clubroot pathogen.

How to ship: Complete the disease diagnostics submittal form. Pack the bagged samples along with submission form inside a cardboard box. Do not pack samples with ice. Send samples using an overnight shipping company. Avoid shipping immediately before a weekend since the plants may deteriorate in transit. If plants are collected late in the week, they may be in a refrigerator and shipped the following week. Keep a copy of the tracking number for your package.