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Proof of Efficacy

Efficacy testing and development of protocols for use of new products are necessary steps before commercialization, and in the case of organic fertilizer, need to be established to meet CFIA requirements for registration.

Growth promotion: we have developed methods of testing products for growth promotion on different crops and soils. The measured outputs consist of the emergence rate, plant height, total biomass based on dry weight, chlorophyll content of fully expanded leaves and nutritional levels if evident based on growth characteristics.

Bio control: we test the biological activity of products against a number of soilborne plant pathogens. We have developed different bioassays utilizing indicator plants such as radish, arugula, cucumber as a means of screening chemical and biological agents for efficacy of protection of these plants form pathogen of importance

Germination: Registration of an agricultural product requires data as to potential exposure of plants to different concentrations of the product and how this would alter seed germination and plant growth. We test the effect of products on germination rates and growth of seedlings of different crops.