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High populations of nematodes in any soil will reduce or destroy the crop’s ability to absorb much needed nutrients, and can be a major cause of poor crop performance. In any production system nematode analysis will provide vital information to the performance of a specific crop and may be critical in planning crop rotations. A&L Canada has complet comprehensive nematode analysis capabilities with a full time nematologist on staff.

We provide enumeration of the following nematodes.

• J2 Cyst
• Dagger (Xiphinema spp.)
• Root Lesion (Meloidogyne spp.)
• Pin (Paratylenchus spp.)
• Spiral (Helicotylenchus spp.)
• Stunt (Tylenchorhynchus spp.)
• Ring (Mesocriconema spp.)
• Root Knot (Pratylenchus spp.)
• Soybean cyst