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A&L Biologicals now offers Solvita Technology for testing soil health assays, which offer the field of biological respiration testing, combining it with a perspective on gaseous emissions to provide a truly practical and realistic indicator of the behavior and properties of composts, soils and feedstuffs as they affect end use.
Solvitat has advanced across several markets and is inspiring researchers and growers in new ways to gauge the quality of their products.
…for stability of recycled and composted products
…for biological activity and N-mineralization potential of soils
…for fungal respiration and spoilage of feeds and grains.

Solvita Soil Respiration

Solvita Soil CO2-Burst Test – BULK LAB PAK

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A laboratory package containing 96 soil test probes for performing the CO2-Burst procedure. Order required filters, beakers and jars separately.