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Commercial Products
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Commercial Products

The first products launched from A&L Biological research initiatives have been innovative soil diagnostic tools marketed through A&L Canada Laboratories:

VitTellus® (2018)  & VitTellus Bio℠ (2020)


These novel soil health diagnostic tools provide an assessment of soil health having high correlation to nutrient utilization and crop yields.



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Learn more here

Protection from the Cucumber

Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV)



Soil Health Index

for Decisions

VitTellus A&L Green Bio.jpg

VitTellus Bio℠

Quantifies the Beneficial

Soil Microbes

Products Under Development

While our focus is on global soil health, our research also spans related issues such as food safety and biofuels. Product launches from this effort for North America are expected in late 2022. These first products will provide

bio-stimulation and pathogen controlling benefits to agriculture in markets around the globe.

Biological control agents for disease and insect management

Microbial solutions for nutrient mobilization & soil remediation solutions

Seed inoculants

& organic soil amendments

that promote

soil & plant health

Soil microbial fingerprints for evaluating the impacts of

ag practices,

climate change

& crop rotations

on root & soil health 

Molecular tools for disease diagnostics

Products Under Dev.
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