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Fadiji, A.E., Ayangbenro, A.S. & Babalola, O.O. Metagenomic profiling of the community structure, diversity, and nutrient pathways of bacterial endophytes in maize plant. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (2020).

Bomfim, C.S.G., da Silva, V.B., Cursino, L.H.S. et al. Endophytic bacteria naturally inhabiting commercial maize seeds occupy different niches and are efficient plant growth-promoting agents. Symbiosis (2020).

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Kandasamy S, Weerasuriya N, Subramanian G, Thorn R.G, Patterson G, Ali S, Lazarovits G. (2021). “Disentangling the Association of Corn Root Mycobiome With Plant Productivity and the Importance of Soil Physicochemical Balance in Shaping Their Relationship”. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 

Kandasamy S, Weerasuriya N, Gritsiouk D, Patterson G, Saldias S, Ali S, Lazarovits G. (2020). “Size Variability in Seed Lot Impact Seed Nutritional Balance, Seedling Vigor, Microbial Composition and Plant Performance of Common Corn Hybrids”. Agronomy. 10(2):157.




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