A&L Biologicals Team

A&L Biological Inc. - Executive Team

Rob Field
VP Business Development & Marketing, A&L Biological Inc.

Mr. Field joined A&L Biologicals Inc. in 2020 and brings over 30 years of experience as a leader and entrepreneur in the agricultural industry. Rob has successfully started and grown new businesses in various agricultural sectors and with companies such as Nu-Gro Corporation, Plant Science Inc., Brett Young Seeds Ltd. and NutriAg Ltd.

Rob is a graduate of the University of Guelph.


A&L Biological Inc. - Research Team 

Yulia Kroner.JPG

Yulia Kroner, MSc.

A&L Biological Inc.

Technical Staff


  • Kristen Thomas, MES (Masters in Environment & Sustainability)

  • Yulia Kroner, MSc. (Biology; Plant Eco-Physiology, Global Change Biology) 

  • Jesse Hoage, MSc. (Biology)

  • Yibin Liu (Bachelor of Science, Genetics)

Jesse Hoage, MSc.

A&L Biological Inc.

Dr. Shimaila Ali

Research Scientist


Dr. Ali has earned Ph.D. degree in Biology with special emphasis on Plant- Microbes interactions. She joined A&L Biological in 2014 and have been working on developing innovative molecular tools to measure plant health and plants-microbes’ interactions. In the recent years Dr. Ali has focused on the development of bioformulations to improve plant nutrient uptake, for pest management, soil remediation, and to ameliorate plant stresses such as saline soils and transplant shock.

Dr. Saveetha Kandasamy

Research Scientist


Dr. Kandasamy has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and a PhD in plant pathology. She brings to the team over 10 years of experience on developing and leading both basic and applied research projects in agricultural sciences. She joined A&L Biological in 2015 and since then she has been leading research projects related to agricultural innovation, soil & crop health, regenerative & precision agriculture and the development of tools and bioproducts for sustainable agriculture. 

Dr. Ruyi Xiong

Research Scientist


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Plant Pathology

  • Master of Science, Plant Pathology, 

  • Bachelor of Science, Plant Protection


Greg Patterson
Co-Founder A&L Biological Inc., Founder and CEO A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

 Greg Patterson has been working in agriculture and an advocate for best agriculture practices and sustainability for over 35 years. He has strong ties in the Canadian agriculture community as the founder of A&L Canada Laboratories, the largest full-service agriculture, environmental, cannabis and plant disease laboratory in Canada. Greg actively delivers recommendations and valuable information in soil and plant nutrition to agriculture - greenhouse and field crop - producers to help them maximize crop productivity. Greg founded A&L Biologicals in 2009 with Dr. George Lazarovits with a vision to better understand soil health, the soil microbiome, and to develop new innovative solutions to address agricultural production issues around the globe.


Dr. Keri Wang

Microbiology Laboratories Director, Senior Scientist


Dr. Keri Wang graduated with Ph.D. degree in molecular plant pathology from the University of Alberta. Dr. Wang has worked on molecular mechanism of plant disease resistance and plant-microbe interactions by functional genomic approaches like virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) and gene expression profiling, functional genomics and microbial ecology of plant growth promotion rhizobacteria, molecular epidemiology and biodiversity of phytoplasma diseases. He has expertise in plant pathology, microbiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology with 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 34 presentations in national and international conferences. He has developed and modified many methods for research and services. Currently, his work covers development and validation of methods for the rapid and sensitive detection, identification and enumeration of foodborne pathogens; plant disease diagnostics; development of attenuated viruses for management of virus and bacterial diseases; isolation and characterization of glyphosate degrading bacteria. Keri has recently reported two new viruses in cannabis, first reported cannabis phytoplasma disease in Canada. More cannabis viruses are being identified in his research.

Dr. Soledad Saldías

Research Lab Director & Special Projects


Dr. Saldías is a Biochemist with extensive experience in molecular microbiology. Over the last 20 years Dr. Saldias has been working on microbial – host interactions, first focusing on human pathogens and their strategies to evade our immune system, and lately studying the impact of microbes on plants.  Dr. Saldias joined A&L Biological in 2013 and is working on understanding the role of microbiology in soil health and crop productivity and developing sustainable solutions for agribusiness.

Dr. George Lazarovits

Director of Research


​Dr. Lazarovits is a Plant pathologist (University of Toronto) with extensive experience on soil health and its microbiome. Before joining A&L Biological Inc. as Director of Research, Dr. Lazarovits worked as Research Scientist at Agriculture and Agrifood Canada for over 30 years. Dr. Lazarovits’ research over the last decade has focused on examining plant health from an ecological perspective where both beneficial and detrimental organisms in soil are considered to affect plant vigour. He developed innovative model systems for studying soil processes and interactions between microorganisms and plants, as well each other. Dr. Lazarovits’ studies now focus on identifying how populations of soil microorganisms impact plant health. He works closely with growers and industry and his efforts have benefited producers through improved produce quality and more sustainable cropping systems.

Nevin McDougall

CCO and President, A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

Nevin McDougall is the President and Chief Commercial Officer for A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. Nevin uses his vast global agriculture experience to align A&L's goals and research to bring products to the market that matter to agriculture producers. To help drive A&L’s growth plans, Nevin joined A&L Labs in 2018. He brings over 25 years of leadership experience and commercial success, from his senior executive roles with Sollio Agriculture (La Coop fédérée) and BASF Corp. where his last position was Senior Vice-President, Agricultural Products, North America.